Getting Your Manolo Through the Door

Posted on November 28, 2010


I think every college student dreams of landing a dream internship, but I’m sure he or she might not know how to go about getting it.

I read an article on PR Couture that had some really good tips on how to prepare and get a great internship.

An awesome idea that I never even though of was working on or starting a portfolio. The article explains how starting one can help show what kind of talent a person has. A person’s portfolio can even help you with networking. While working on a portfolio, there’s a possibility to get to know the right person when you least expect it. Because it’s no secret that, most times, the fashion industry is more of “who you know than what you know.” Plus, who doesn’t to have more connections?

So after reading this article, I started wondering what an internship would be like. I was thinking it was more getting the office coffees and watching the professionals than actually writing press releases and being involved in the company. But I was proven wrong with the article Getting IN: Life as a Fashion PR Intern at Chic Little Devil PR.

Nadiya and Shonte were interns at Chic Little Devil PR and, in the interview, explain their love for fashion and the ins and outs of working at CLD PR. What I thought was interesting was each of them explaining what they did on a daily basis. Nadiya and Shonte weren’t just getting coffee, steaming clothes and wiping down displays; each girl was working with clients and even going to events, like Cannes International Film Festival.

I feel, after reading these articles, really inspired to go out in the world and get what I want. I hope everyone that wants the same thing as I do is inspired as well.

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