The Pocket Guide to Fashion PR

Posted on December 2, 2010



Sophie Sheikh, founder of Preo PR, has written a “For Dummies” book on fashion public relations, and I want it.

I read about Sheikh’s books, The Pocket Guide to Fashion PR and The Pocket Guide to Fashion Media, in one of Pr Couture’s giveaways.  It’s amazing and awesome how these books are available to own. With all the different handbooks, how-to’s and guides out in the world these call out my name the most.

I’m still getting acquainted with what fashion PR is all about, so The Pocket Guide to Fashion seems as if it could be so helpful. I was able to find a little sneak peek into what tips Sheikh gives from the book written by Crosby Nicks of PR Couture. You can read it here or here.

My favorite section from the feature was the chapter “Loose Buttons.” I can be somewhat of a perfectionist at times, and I always like to be prepared. After reading the description of what the chapter is about I feel it could help me very much. There’s a satisfaction in knowing whatever happens, I’m prepared.

If a person wants to get into fashion PR, this book seems to be essential. I’m waiting on my book to come in, are you?

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