Make that Pitch Matter

Posted on December 2, 2010


Three strikes and you’re out. Just like in baseball, a pitch in public relations needs to be perfect and get the job done.

Standard, impersonal press releases won’t get you what the desired results when trying to get the attention of media. I read an article on PRCouture that goes over some great tips on how to produce a great pitch.

The main thing a person wants to focus on is trying to make it seem friendly, more personal; as if you were talking to a friend. Of course, the purpose of the pitch shouldn’t get lost in between trying to make it personal. PrCouture gives a great example:

“Take a look at that initial press release and paste in those pieces that are relevant. If the publication is geared toward a budget-conscious shopper, focus of the value of the item; if the publication is higher-end, focus on the fact that the product is hand-sewn and can be ordered in cashmere; if it’s a green blog, mention that the dress is organic cotton and that 10% of proceeds are donated to Greenpeace. Make it easy for the editor to see exactly how the story will fit, and give her easy access to information, images, and expert quotes so writing the article becomes simple.”

Keeping communication open helps as well. Both PRCouture and Marshall Kirkpatrick agree that keeping in touch helps build rapport. PrCouture gives the example of getting in touch with a blogger about yoga pants saying even if a you don’t have clients that can help with yoga apparel, the blogger knows you work with x and y and could possibly open your email when you do send that pitch. Marshall Kirkpatrick makes a good point when explaining a pitch he received, “Come on Ben, who are you even representing here between these two companies? I’m fine, how are you? It’s been a year, we haven’t talked. Whatever.”

When sending out an amazing pitch, it’s a about strategy. Ask yourself, would I read this or be interested in it? Preparation, research, and a little thing called common sense can go a long way. A baseball pitcher is never on the mound unprepared or without a strategy.

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